Self Drive Africa – Car Rental in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania & South Sudan.

Looking for Self-drive trips in Africa? Visiting tourists Destinations on-road Trip? Car Rental Congo has operational offices in south COuntries where it offers Self-drive Safaris to Travelers that are expeditious adventurers in risk destinations on group trips.

All Travelers planning a safari in Africa should note that the key requirement is the 4×4 Jeeps and never think of exploring African National Parks and other game reserves in 2 wheel drive. Self Drive Experiences can be done on Short Term Holiday Van Rental or Long Term Hire in Africa.

Browse our range of self-drive holidays in Africa or contact us directly. One of our African Safari Experts will advise you on which holiday is most suited to your needs or they’ll tailor-make your journey complete with car hire, carefully selected accommodation, and detailed directions. Don’t miss the chance to self drive around lake Victoria while on  East Africa Self drive trip with experts.

Check on the comprehensive guide for Self drive options in  Africa with Car Rental Congo that has expanded to cover over 16 Countries. Driving yourself is a real adventure in Africa. There are safety precautions to be aware of and some countries are not as well sign-posted, however, with the right support and resources, this can be a fun and rewarding experience and an excellent way to reduce the costs of your holiday.

Self Drive is possible in the following.

  1. Rwanda
  2. Uganda
  3. Kenya
  4. Tanzania
  5. South Africa
  6. Namibia
  7. Botswana
  8. Burundi.

Check for details on self-drive Advises.

Self Drive Trips in Rwanda.

Gx with Rooftop Tent RentalSelf Drive safaris in Rwanda are popular as they related the oldest car rental company is Self-drive Rwanda offering the best self-drive trips to Rwanda’s 4 National parks for Wildlife & primate Watching.

Rwanda is located in central Africa and is a member in the East African Community, The Land of thousand hills hosts the Mountain gorillas, Chimpanzee and Golden monkey.

Roads in Rwanda

Rwanda was ranked number 13 in countries that have nice roads and this is a key feature when planning & Selecting Self drive Safari in Rwanda.

It has a strong infrastructure system compared to many of its neighbors like Uganda and Tanzania, with paved roads throughout the capital and even some larger paved roads running across the country, which makes Rwanda an excellent country to explore on Self drive trip. If you want the freedom of being able to explore Rwanda on your own time.

Self Drive Trip Design in Rwanda

Make a special journey through Rwanda & Uganda with your 4×4, starting and ending in Kigali and end in Uganda with Rooftop Tented Jeep. Car Rental Congo Reservation team helps you in Tailoring the Self-drive Trips to Rwanda and offers free Advice on Hotel booking, Chimpanzee Tracking Permits, Gorilla Trekking Permits to visit Volcanoes, Nyungwe Forest National Park.  Learn About Car Rental in Rwanda

Self Drive in Uganda

Gorilla Safari UgandaLooking or Planning a Self-drive trip to Uganda? Car Rental Congo does accept and recommends Uganda as a good destination to travel on a Self-drive Holiday in Africa. Uganda is known as the pearl of Africa located in East Africa with over 10 National Parks & Game Reserves for Wildlife watching & Gorillas, Chimpanzee long side mountaineering tours to Rwenzoris.

Important Facts About Car Rental for Self-drive in Uganda

The first thing you should know about renting a car in Uganda is that while there are paved roads throughout the country for inter-city connects in the parks they are not paved but it is still safe to drive on the unpaved roads like the road to Kidepo Valley national park from Kitugum city, then Ishasa sector connecting from Queen Elizabeth to Bwindi Impenetrable known for the gorilla watching. You will inevitably find yourself off-roading at one point or another, and with the lure of multiple safari options, you’ll want a sturdy 4×4 to get you safely through all your adventures in Uganda. Learn about Self drive Uganda

The Ultimate Uganda Safari experience is the best when it encompasses gorillas & Rwenzori Trekking in the Rwenzori Mountains.

Rooftop tent Car Rental option

Car Rental Congo offers an extra add on of rooftop tent cars to travelers that wish to explore Uganda’s wildlife parks with the camping option from experts in Self-drive East Africa.

Get the Best Car Rental deals with rooftop tents for Self-drive Travelers from as long as 45$$$ /day with Camping Gears, Read More About Car Rental Uganda.

Self-drive Kenya

Chimpanzee WatchingThe Republic of Kenya is a popular destination for self-drive travelers that love the Wildlife and the target is always the big five in the famous National Parks & Game Reserves like Masai Mara and Amboseli. Self-drive Kenya Experience is quite different from that of Rwanda & Uganda that host some primates then when it comes to Kenya Safari, its wildlife watching.

Road in Kenya

Most of the main roads across the country are paved, and most roads you find in Nairobi will be paved as well, but venture out into the countryside a bit or even onto some smaller streets inside the city of Nairobi and you’ll find yourself on red dirt roads, some littered with potholes. It’s nothing to worry about as long as you have a sturdy car, so just take it all in and enjoy the experience that locals refer to as an “African massage.”

Car Rental in Kenya for self-drive travel may have extras like Working Ac, Rooftop tents, Open Roofs for Game drives without missing the wildebeest migration Experiences. Read About Kenya Car Rental.

Self Drive Tanzania

LIon ExperienceWhen it comes to Tanzania, its tourism is developed but popular trips are guided to various National parks of Serengeti, Lake Manyara, Tarangire which are known for Big five. But If you have a self-guided safari on your agenda for your time in Tanzania, you should definitely be prepared to drive more on dirt roads and If you’re visiting Rwanda during the rainy season, be prepared for many of those potholes to fill up with water.

Much of the tourism in Tanzania is done in the northern circuit and if you wish to connect from north to the beach, please be prepared to drive long-distance and you will require to hire a strong Car from destinations.

See you in Tanzania with Rooftop tent Jeep for a camping experience in Wildlife Parks. Camping in Tanzania is more developed than the case in Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya. Learn About car Rental Tanzania

Self Drive South Africa Details Coming

Countries where Self Drive is not commended

self drive not recommendedThe Team of Car Rental Congo has taken some serious research and realized that there are destinations that haven’t developed too much to allow the freedom of self-drive options to be accepted by the company, it recommends that option of car rental with driver or make an option of booking with safari companies for better adventure in Africa.

  1. The Republic of Gabon; car Rental does offer guided tours to Gabon that include Gorilla Trekking, Wildlife, and Cultural Experiences. Contact us
  2. Road Trips to Congo
  3. The Congo Brazzaville
  4. The central African Republic
  5. South Sudan
  6. The Republic of Sudan.

Car Rental Congo operates in the above-mentioned countries on car rental with drivers, never expect Self-drive unless its a big organization that is renting on a monthly or yearly contract.



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