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Facts About  Dolisie City

Dolisie is a city in the Niari Valley, named after Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza’s lieutenant Albert Dolisie. In 1975, its name was changed to Loubomo, however in 1991, the old name was restored. Dolisie was nicknamed “green gold”
Dolisie is vibrant, though there are only paved roads in the center of the city.

The economy revolves mostly around the logging industry, which is mainly run by Chinese and Malaysian companies. The drop in electric output and frequent power cuts have become a fact of life for residents of Dolisie. There are a few travelers in the city. Most of the foreigners are in private vehicles, therefore walking on the street or taking public transport will draw a lot of attention from curious locals.

How to access Dolisie

From Pointe-Noire, the city can be reached via a new nice road (National Road 1) 140 km in length. The journey will take at least 3 hours long and four-wheel drive is no longer necessary.

The road is clear from Pointe-Noire to Dolisie, except in night time policemen can stop you because of safety rules and you will be suggested to continue your trip incoming day time. So you will be enjoying the policemen company until the day time.

Things to see include; L’arbre de Brazza, a giant baobab tree named after Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, located 8 km from downtown Dolisie towards Pointe-Noire.Église Saint Paul

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