3 Days Bonobos Trekking Tour – Congo Safari

Bonobos Trekking in congo is the only sure deal when you select to visit the Lola and Ekolo ya Bonobo which is the best destination for primate safaris after gorillas in Virunga & kahuzi Biega. There is clear evidence that bonobos all over the world come from here—that’s what most people have already seen and planning congo safari to see the bonobos?

Select the 3 Days Congo primate Safari tour with any of the recommended Congo Safari Companies, please bear in mind that bonobo safaris are expensive compared to the mountain gorillas.

In fact, a lot of people think all bonobos are bald because many of the photographs they’ve seen were taken at these locations. In captivity, bonobos tend to overgroom key group members like alpha females to the point they appear bald. check about the recommended flights to Congo.

Detailed 3 Days Bonobo Watching Experience.

The 3 Days Bonobo trip starts from Kinshasha Congo and ends in the same locality.

Day1:  Transfer from Kishasha to Lola ya Bonobos

After Early morning breakfast at the hotel in Kinshasa, you will be transferred by an experienced tour guide with more knowledgable information about the tourism field of Congo and take 1 and a half drive to Lola ya Bonobo sanctuary where the bonobos are habituation for watching. You will arrive early enough to take a nature walk and get the historical background about the Habituation of the Bonobos in the Magic Democratic republic of congo, knowing about their Behaviours and why they behave the way they do. Dinner and overnight at the sanctuary camping style of Accommodation, ( Guesthouses are available )

Day 2 Bonobo Trekking

After Morning breakfast, you will head into the sanctuary to see and watch the bonobos as they feed and play with the young one, please take a note that this is not pure wild bonobo trekking tour.

You will spend 3-4 hours with them and after return to the lodge for relaxation and optional visits to the River Congo and the local communities in the evening hours.

Day 3: Second Bonobo Watching & Transfer back to Kinshasa.

After Morning breakfast, you will head into the sanctuary for the second experience of the bonobos and after return to the lodge for lunch, proceed to take the jeep drive to Kinhsaha city where you will have dinner and overnight.

End of the 3 Days Congo Primate Safari.

Facts About Bonobos

Bonobos are really important great apes, so it’s wonderful to feel that a conservation organization has multimedia records of this. Often, lots of money will go into the conservation of a species, but hardly any resources have been put into documenting and recording it for the long term.

They’re very intelligent. They might well be looking at you, but they’re also thinking. They’re not just staring at you blankly. I think that’s a mistake a lot of people make with wild animals—they don’t appreciate that, just like with a human, they’re constantly thinking about things, making calculations and trying to figure out if they can push this boundary or that boundary.

Other Trips Recommended

its possible and ease to join Mountaineering tour, Gorilla Safari Rwanda with Bonobo on an Africa Safari tour using one company.

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