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Looking for  Car Rental with driver in Kinshasa for long term or short term rental? Car Rental congo a known car hire firm in Africa offers saloon cars, SUV cars, Vans, Trucks rental on daily, weekly and monthly rental to organizations and private companies for transportation of the employees.

Kinshasa is the capital city of DR Congo and we do offer airport transfers from Kinshasa International Airport to hotels and accommodations with the city.

We take the pride in offering car hire services in Africa with standard of excellence in DR congo. Bonafide Africa is ready to get you on the road in Kinshasa with a great selection of economy and exotic vehicles. You can arrange to continue your journey from our convenient Kinshasa International Airport branch. Kinshasa is close to Brazzaville City of the Republic of Congo.

Car Rental Fleets in Kinshasa

We do offer a wide range of rental options which you can select from 4WD Land Cruisers, Minibusses, Coasters, Salon Cars, Double Cabins, and Lorries for your rental in the capital of Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Check on the Trucks in case your contract is waste management.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Looking for SUV Landcruiser for project works in Kinshasa? Car Rental has 4×4 Land cruiser on short Term or long Term car hire with Driver from US$ 200 / day.
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Land Cruiser v8

LandCruiser v8Book Landcruiser v8 for a great adventure, airport transfers in Kinshasa with driver/ guide from Car Rental Congo as low as 210 USD, get discounted price.

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Land Cruiser Hybrid

Nee Model Land Cruiser LuxuryGet around Kinshasa city in VIP luxury hybrid land Cruiser while on a business trip or safari with Car Rental Congo,  on a friendly rate 230 USD/ day with Driver.
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All about Kinshasa, The Capital of Congo

Kinshasa is the capital and the largest city of the Democratic Republic of the Congo followed by Lubumbashi.  Never believe that the distances between the two largest cities in the congo can be covered by road, it is impossible as the road in congo is not well developed.

The city is situated alongside the Congo River and is the busiest town in Congo, flights exist to connect to Goma, Bukavu & Butembo.

Kinshasa is Africa’s third-largest urban area after Cairo and Lagos. It is also the world’s largest Francophone urban area, with French being the language of government but English is also used and it’s more recommended that when booking at Car rental congo.

Attractions near Kinshasa Congo

As its well known that the Democratic republic of congo has a lot to offer when it comes to tourism and exploring the primates in the wilderness, with the key things including the Laurent Kabila’s Tomb, Palais de la Nation, Musée National de Kinshasa, Serpents du Congo  and many more.

The Most popular Safari activity recommended to travelers visiting Kinshasa city is bonobo trekking that can even be done on Day trips to Kinshasa.

Climatic & When to travel to Kinshasa

Kinshasa has a tropical wet and dry climate. Its lengthy rainy season spans from October through May, with a relatively short dry season, between June and September. Kinshasa lies south of the equator, so its dry season begins around its winter solstice.

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  • * 6 – 14 days rental – Complimentary free day.
  • *15+ days rental – Complimentary camping equipment.

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