Rwenzori Trekking Trips:  Affordable Tours

Africa’s known snow-capped mountain Rwenzori is open for trekking any time of the year, Car Rental Congo Safari Reservation Department offers basic trekking tours to visit the Rwenzori mountains in Rwenzori Mountains National park located in Uganda and Congo. All Rwenzori trekking experiences are done on Camping safaris as there are no lodges in the mountains.

Rwenzori Trekking tours

Popular Africa Safaris including mountaineering tours to Rwenzori Mountains National Park. You don’t have to be the fittest person in your hometown or have experience with mountain climbing or advanced trekking to be able to join one of our Rwenzori trekking tours, though you must have undergone some fitness training beforehand.

Safari Companies are always pleased to spend time discussing with trekkers the 3 different routes that they offer up to the Rwenzori Mountains. Spread across 3 different treks, these routes have been designed to appeal to the majority of fitness and experience levels. Varying in duration from 5 to 9 days, we’re confident that we have a Mount Rwenzori Climbing tour that’s suitable for everyone.

Rwenzori Trekking Routes.

There three different that treks can select to use when planning climbing the Rwenzori Mountains in Uganda & Congo. In Uganda, there are two routes and the Democratic republic of congo has one route that is used and it always connects to the Uganda side at times,( take the chance to cross to Uganda without Visa Charge when you book trekking the Rwenzori Mountains in Congo .) The Trails are :

  • The Rwenzori Central Cirucit
  • Kilembe Trail
  • Congo Rwenzori Trail.
    This part of Rwenzori is located in Virunga National Park which is known for Gorilla Trekking & Nyiragongo Trek alongside other Primates Like Golden monkey, Chimpanzee & many more.

Conquering the Rwenzori Mountains

Rwenzori mountain’s highest peak is Mount Margherita standing at  5,109 m and its always a dream for all travelers that select to climb Rwenzori mountains in Either Congo or Uganda with local Safari Company. Other Peaks found in Rwenzori Mountains National Park include Mount Baker (4843 meters), Mount Speke (4890 meters), Mount Stanley (5109 meters), Mount Luigi di Savoia (4627 meters), Mount Gessi (4715 meters), and Mount Emin ( 4798 meters) which are separated by gorges which form part of the beautiful scenic view.

Best Time to Take a Rwenzori Trekking Tour

One of the basic reasons but important why Rwenzori Mountain trekking is so popular is that Rwenzori can be climbed all year round by small and large groups on private tours. Its location, close to the equator, means that you won’t find the typical four seasons that you may be used to at home. There are only two seasons here: rainy and dry season. While trekking is possible throughout the year, the rainy seasons, from March to May and again from November to December, are not the ideal times to conquer this mountain. Paths to the summit can be slippery so any trekkers should be well prepared with the proper equipment.

Car Rental Congo offers a range of routes to suit every trekker’s experience and fitness levels, getting you to the summit with the best team possible. While the climb will be difficult, it’s only when you’re sitting at the summit with the sprawling savanna far below that you realize the simple truth: it was all worth it.

Rwenzori Climbing Trips

The Trips Samples for Rwenzori are covering two countries – The first two are when your using the Uganda side and the Last option is for taking Congo Side.

  • 7  Days Rwenzori Trekking Tour:
    Looking for hiking experience to trek Rwenzori on 7 days, Car Rental congo do recommend the 7 days climbing Rwenzori using the RMS to the peak of Magaherita peak.
  • 9 Days Rwenzori Mountain Climbing.
    Trek the Mountain of the moon via the kilembe trail to explore the various vegetation cover within Rwenzori Mountains National Park. Book the 9 Days Uganda Hiking tour ith Car Rental Congo.
  • 12 Days Gorillas & Rwenzori Trekking
    Go Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi or Volcanoes National Park on a combined gorilla watching & Rwenzori hiking experience tailored by Car Rental Congo the destination car hire company in East & Central Africa.
  • 14 Days Virunga Gorillas & Rwenzori Trek.
    The 14 Days Congo gorilla safari is tailored to include the gorillas, Nyiragongo hike, Chimpanzee Watching & Rwenzori Climbing via Congo Side with wildlife watching in Queen Elizabeth National Park. Take the true adventure holiday in DR congo with Car Rental Congo.

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