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Africa is a dream destination in every sense that shouldn’t be forgotten by travelers when looking for holidays & Vacation. Africa is home to unforgettable primates,  wild animals, and extraordinary Mountaineers  ( Snow Capped & Volcanic). We travel the length and breadth of every destination we recommend to make sure that our advice is based on firsthand experience.

Have you always dreamed of going on safari in Africa? If you are in search of an authentic experience whether your dream is to: follow the migration in the Serengeti, climb the roof of Africa, walk with Maasai, track mountain gorillas in misty forests, we will assist you in planning your African safari needs or Recommend the Best Africa Safari Companies to help you in tailoring the Safari to gorillas  on Guided tour or Self Drive in Africa

Safari Ideas to Africa

Primate Trekking:

Africa is known as home for various primates and when planning a self-drive adventure to see the primates like the mountain gorillas, Eastern Lowland Gorillas, Crossriver gorillas, Western Lowland Gorillas, Bonobos, Golden monkey, Chimpanzees, Lemur Trekking in Madagascar. If Your planning a primate Safari, we recommend using Primate Safaris the local company that has experience and skill in Primate Tours to Africa.

Mountain Gorilla Watching in Africa

Mountain Gorillas are only found in three countries that hold them in 4 national parks shared between inter boundary that is Uganda holding the biggest number of gorillas in Bwindi IMpenetrable national park & Mgahinga National Park, yet for Rwanda, they are found in Volcanoes national park which is part of the Virunga mountains like Virunga National Park.  The Virunga Mountains form Mgahinga, Virunga National Park, Volcanoes national park. Self Drive is possible for gorilla trekking travelers in Uganda & Rwanda’s National Park with Car with Rooftop Tent Rental.

Sample mountain gorilla trekking includes 3 Days Uganda Gorilla tour, 3 Days Congo Gorilla Trekking & 3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Safari

Eastern Lowland Gorilla Trekking.

The Most loved primates & missed is eastern lowland gorillas which are only found in eastern congo’s two national parks of Maiko & kahuzi biega although if your planning for the eastern lowland Gorilla tour, it has to be guided since Congo is not recommended as a self-drive destination by Car Rental Congo. Book 3 Days Congo gorilla watching with Reliable Safari Companies based in Bukavu Congo.

Chimpanzee Tracking in Africa.

There are many places in Africa open for chimpanzee watching experiences including Gombe Stream National Park in Tanzania, Kibale Forest, Bundongo, Kalinzu forest all in Uganda, Nyungwe forest national park in Rwanda, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, it has Virunga National Park in Mikeno sector, Lwiro Chimpanzee in Kahuzi Biega and other places.

Golden Monkey Tracking

This is special safari activity that is available for self-drive adventurers that have selected to visit Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo since research shows that they are only available in the Virunga massif and the Itombwe mountains which are along the rift valley line. In Uganda, Golden monkey watching is done in Mgahinga National Park & In Volcanoes in Rwanda is open safari activity but for Golden monkey Habituation experiences, its available in Mgahinga Only.

Bonobos Trekking

The Bonobos are the closest race to humans, sharing 98.7% of human DNA. But, endemic to an area just 500,000 km² within the Congo Basin and threatened for natural resources, we could see them wiped from the face of the earth in as few as 75 years. Car Rental Congo has 3 Days Bonobo trekking expedition provides a unique opportunity not only to see bonobos in their natural habitat but to contribute directly to their preservation when they need it most.

Lola ya Bonobo:

Founded in 1994 by Claudine Andre, the Lola ya Bonobo organization rescues orphaned bonobos from the illegal bushmeat trade and rehabilitates them at the Lola ya Bonobo rescue center just outside Kinshasa. When it’s possible, the bonobos are later released back to the wild through the Ekolo ya Bonobo reintroduction sanctuary, a boat ride away from Basankusa.
First built in 2002, Lola ya Bonobo – meaning ‘paradise for bonobos’ in Lingala, the main language of Kinshasa – is the rescue center and rehabilitate the area for orphaned bonobos. Just outside the country’s capital Kinshasa, this center is integral to local education about the bonobos the trade of bushmeat and the conservation efforts in place.

Other primates worthy Experiencing in Africa: Lemur Trekking that is only possible in Madagascar.

Wildlife Experience

East, South & Central Africa is a home for the Big 5 watching trips in Africa and these include Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Elephant, Rhino and the most popular self drive wildlife safaris are available in Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Uganda, DR Congo, Botswana.

Kenya is one of Africa’s prime game viewing areas, renowned for its dramatic scenery, magnificent game parks, and abundant wildlife. Book 7 days Kenya safari with reliable tour operators.

There are many incredible wildlife experiences to be had around Africa that continue to draw gasps of wonder from visitors as seen in the increase in safari planning to Africa on a self-drive and guided basis. Immortalized over time African wildlife is one of the top travel attractions in the world.

Wildlife of Africa brings the rare experience of Okapi Watching tour infamous Okapi Wildlife reserve center in the Democratic republic of congo, the shortest being 8 days Okapi Wildlife Tour. 

Mountaineering Tours

When you talk of Mountaineeringtour in Africa, there are two ideas that come to your mind, that is Rooftop of Africa and Mountains of the moon. These two legend places of Africa come along with magic active volcano trekking like Nyiragongo Volcano alongside other mountains. Select 7 Days Rwenzori Climbing experience or 9 days Rwenzori Trekking tours

Climb Kilimanjaro, this mountain is found in Tanzania and it has over 5 routes for trekking to the peak with a different experience of each route, the Rwenzori Mountains are located in Uganda and Congo but most Rwenzori trekking tours can be done via Uganda Side and its safer there compared to DR congo.  Check on Mountaineering tours.

Other Activities are listed below as they can be addon in the above Safari Activities.

Cultural Tours & Nature Walks

Fishing on River Nile & Congo.

Flights and visas to Congo

Car Rental Congo do accept that booking your flight to congo is a bit challenging with the start from which flight fly to Congo . Check on flights to congo. 

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