Car Hire In Brazzaville – 4×4 Car Rental Congo

Brazzaville is the capital of the Republic of the Congo followed by Pointe-Noire in central Africa. It’s on the Congo River, opposite Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Just outside the city are the Congo Rapids.
Car Rental Congo is the leading car leasing company  that offers Car hire with Drivers for short term rental in Congo fixed budget price for the monthly or long term car rentals and mini leases with no minimum day requirements. Perfect for extended vacations and business. 

After an exhaustive study of other Congolese car hire agencies, we can confidently confirm that we offer our clients the best discount car hire rates. Because we are the largest privately owned Congolese car hire firm, we can offer the most affordable deals for Long term car rental & Short term car Hire in Congo & Neighboring countries with Central Africa & East Africa.

Book Online Today or call +256 787471094  for car rental by the Month long-term rental from Car Rental Congo.

Land Cruiser Lx.

land CruiserHaving a project  & looking for car hire in Brazzaville? Car Rental Congo offers the best car hire services on long term hire with driver  from US$ 175 / day.
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Land Cruiser V8

LandCruiser v8Looking for luxury landcruiser for short term car hire in congo ? Car rentals offers transfers to all national parks in congo with a driver from 180 USD.

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Land Cruiser Hybrid

Nee Model Land Cruiser LuxuryVisit Congo & travel in luxury project hybrid land Cruiser while in Congo for odzala Gorilla safari in Congo with Car Rental Congo from 210 USD/ day.
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Long Term Car Rental Questions

We get a lot of questions around long term car rentals. Here are your answers:

  • Can you rent a car by the month?
    • Yes, you can get a car rental for a month! Keep in mind that renting once for a longer duration and renewing your rental on a monthly basis will change pricing.
  • Can you rent a car for 3 months?
    • Yes you definitely can get a car rental for 3 months. The longer you rent, the more you save!
  • Can you lease a car for 6 months?
    • Long term car rental for 6 months or more is also offered by car rental Congo. Just let us know the time period and learn how much you can benefit.
  • Can you rent a car for a year?
    • While we don’t offer car rental over a year long, you can always rent a car for up to 11 months at a time! You will be able to add up savings this way with Extending the time after the expiry of the first rental .
  • How much does a rental car cost for a month?
  • Where can I rent a car for a month cheap?