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Depending on your location in Congo and need ambulance services? Reach to Car Rental Congo 24/7 support helpline to enable book your emergency ambulance services to transport you to the hospital for medication.  Whether you looking for long-term ambulance services in refugee camps or private hospitals in African communities affected by wars, just reach us to enable you to get the service.

Ambulance Rental in AfricaWe can also lease an ambulance for a period of time within our areas of operation for a period. Payment is made in advance and monthly thereafter depending on the package.

We have provided ambulances to refugee camps in Uganda, South Sudan, DR Congo, Kenya, Somalia, Libya, Niger & Tanzania.


ambulance RentalWe all know that at a certain point T in our lives Emergencies and Accidents Happen, and when they do. We know you will need an ambulance rental Company to count on. Don’t put the health of your loved ones in the hands of any ambulance rental company. We at Car Rental Congo provide the best patient care possible, provide high quality and modern ambulances

At Car Rental Congo, we provide cost-effective short or long term leasing to;

1.Refugee Camps

Inside the AmbulanceWe know that so many emergencies do occur in these areas like children, pregnant women would want to have access to medical facilities.

We provide fully stocked ambulances on-site on a short /long term lease that meets the camp standard and alternating schedules.

2. Special Events

Trained Team of Ambulance DriverWe rent ambulances to big gatherings like exhibitions, film industry for movie shooting which would require an onsite ambulance to cater to their emergency needs.

3. Patient transfer Services

Services like hospital transfers we are just a call away and be sure our team will always be at your service.

To learn more about using our ambulance services for your project or most needy moments .Please contact us on our 24/7 helpline. Call /whatsapp +256787471094

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  • * 6 – 14 days rental – Complimentary free day.
  • *15+ days rental – Complimentary camping equipment.

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