Renting Car for Self Drive East Africa

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Self-drive in East Africa- Car Hire Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania: Car Rental Congo

Planing an epic East Africa Self Drive road trip with a one-way car hire option starting from Kigali Rwanda and ending in Tanzania Dar Es Salaam? Car Rental Congo team is willing to help you with the draft of the safari plan and booking accommodations, Safari activities like gorilla trekking, mountaineering, After all, four wheels are a must-have when you’re planning a road trip through four countries!

The Recommended time of holiday when driving at relaxed plan is 3 weeks to four weeks considering each country one week that is Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania . each having 7 Days Adventure is the basic recommended self trip to couples, family or group travel in 4×4 Car Rentals like 4wd LandCruisers, or Toyota Landcruiser with a rooftop tent.

Renting a Car in East Africa

Finding a reliable car Rental Company ready to offer of best prices for car hire on self-drive in East Africa is not easy in Rwanda but more possible in Uganda, Kenya, or Tanzania. Among the top Car Rental companies is car Rental Congo that has over 15 years of experience in car hire in  Central Africa before it expanded its boundaries to cover East Africa with the ideology of driving Lake Victoria & the River Nile basin on great Africa expeditions.

Rav4 LongFacts About East Africa

East Africa or Eastern Africa is the eastern region of the African continent, variably defined by geography and there are six countries within the region and car rental congo operates in all these countries with extension to other central African countries like Chad, Cameroon.

However, when it comes to self-drive in East Africa, you’re expected to visit Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, and South Sudan are members of the East African Community (EAC) with one entry visa but currently, Car Rental Congo doesn’t allow self-drive in South Sudan due to security of the state. All the Member states are accessed in a rental car with Valid Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) Insurance.

When it comes to car rental in East Africa? Car rental congo is the leading company that offers 4×4 car Hire, Machinery, and construction trucks in the entire region on the best prices. Get promotional prices for your visit to East Africa on self-drive around Lake Victoria

Choosing a rental car in Rwanda, Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania

Rent the biggest car you can afford if you’re traveling for more than a few days. The vastness of the country means you are going to spend many, many hours in the car and it is more than worth it to spend a little extra for some comfort. The tinted windows mean your luggage is not too visible in the trunk and we had plenty of legroom during the trip.

Consider a 4x 4 if you are tempted to go off-road. Car Renta Congo offers various types of 4×4 fleets alongside saloon cars that are two-wheel-drive like Toyota Vitz, Premio that are used on City tours. The Smallest recommended 4×4 fleet is the Toyota Rav4 due to the poor roads that exist in parks for wildlife watching and primate trekking like Gorillas in Uganda, Rwanda.

East Africa Driving Etiquette

Gx with Rooftop Tent RentalDriving is on the left-hand side in EastAfrica., there are countries that drive on the left hand and those are Uganda, Rwanda Kenya, and Tanzania yet for Rwanda, South Sudan & Burundi they drive on the right hand. However, clients going to drive along Lake Victoria will only pass through the left-hand countries.

When driving on a single lane road move to the left into the hard shoulder to let cars pass. This can be quite counter-intuitive as a European driver but it was a common occurrence and caused us to sweat profusely when it happened on the brow of a hill!

If you wish to pass a slower moving vehicle indicate to the right and the car in front will typically move in when possible. check for special offers on Car Rental Congo

 Climbing lanes are often available as the East African roads are quite hilly and there are lots of large trucks and lorries. Use them to pass trucks and slow-moving vehicles when going uphill. If you are moving more slowly than the traffic move into the left lane to let traffic overtake.

Once you pass another driver a flash of the hazard lights suffices as a thank you. You’ll usually be greeted by a friendly flash of their headlights. It’s a friendly gesture so don’t be alarmed when it first happens!

Honking the horn is a definite no-no except in an emergency.

Watch out for the stop signs! Being used to driving in the US and Europe the stop signs on the main roads through the towns took us by surprise. Be sure to come to a complete halt at the stop sign and give way to cars coming onto the main road.

A good GPS is essential. using an offline GPS app (Osm And navigation) which is recommended to be installed on our cellphones and, on occasion, used the data on the sims.

Double-check your route before you start and have a general idea of the route before you set out each day. This is especially important in the eastern parts of  East Africa. Sometimes the GPS suggested off-road conditions because the distance was shorter but don’t be tempted by the shorter predicted times as the roads can be horrific!