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When it comes to Truck rental in Africa with a focus on DR Congo, Angola, Zambia & Republic of Congo, Car Rental Congo is the leading Car leasing firm. We offer trucks that range from 1 to 34 tones on long & short term Rental.  Bonafide Africa is a local service firm that is ready to handle truck rental business for a wide range of clients’ needs ranging from 1 ton to 34 tons. This can be availed on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Open an account with us today!

We have vast experience in the Logistics and Transportation business. We offer transport to the Mine Business sector. We transport sand and other bulky goods. We offer Clearing & Forwarding services within the East, Central, and South African countries with a free border crossing guide. We own over 200 trucks in various parts of Congo, Chad & Brazzaville.

Mining Trucks in Congo

Looking for a truck contractor to handle a project in the mining sector of Congo within the location of Kasambalesa, Kasenga, Kipushi, Kolwezi, Likasi, Kapolowe, Sakania, Kambove, Kilwa, Mitwaba, and Pweto which are popular mining destination bordering Zambia, Angola & Tanzania? Car Rental Congo has the best trucks for rental to transport raw materials from mining sites to Factories on long term rental or short term rental. Grab a Quote now for an ultimate Service with Experts.

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Truck Brands Available at Car Rental Congo.

The Brand of Trucks supplied by Car Rental Congo includes Scania Trucks & Trailers, Sino Trucks, Isuzu, Tata, Mitsubishi, and other brands. These vary from country to country. Some brands may not be available in a particular location and we recommend the best available option.

Long Term Truck Leasing in Africa.Car Rental Deals

Car Rental Congo offers the lowest price when it comes to long term truck rental in Africa and the price (quote) supplied includes the driver’s allowances. A competent project manager is assigned for a period specified in the contract of service.

Long term Rental of Trucks can be weekly, monthly with an extension of more than 12 months depending on the client’s requests. The Charge will be daily based on the project location.

All Projects in Gold Mines, Diamond, Copper, Coral in various towns like Kibali, Lubumbashi can be satisfactory serviced. When need arises in case of very big mining projects, trucks can readily be out sourced from Uganda, Tanzania, Angola & Zambia for efficient and effective service delivery. Inspections of the Rental Trucks can be arranged when required.

Truck Rental in Africa.

34 Tonnes TrucksWe know that you need a well-run, reliable fleet that allows you to manage your business more effectively than ever before, with no hassles. By leasing your fleet from Car Rental Congo in various parts of Africa that we operate (South Sudan, DR Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Angola, Chad & Tanzania), we will keep your business running smoothly, allowing you to focus on your core business with the expertise we hold in transport.
The Trucks recommended are good for Mines, sand to your construction site, Waste management, or Site Clearing for industrial Setup.

24-hour Breakdown Service

Bonafide Africa offers a 24-hour breakdown and replacement service. One call to the project manager and we’ll take care of the rest.

Tippers ( Dumb Trucks)

TRucks in CongoCar Rental Congo now bringing to Congo quality commercial vehicles in the truck rental with a variety of 4 ton and 8-ton truck rentals. Our Group Q++ consists of the Isuzu Closed N Series 4 Ton Panel Van Box Truck (Tail Lift Available) – Be sure to contact us to organize this truck hire for your business.

Car Rental Congo also has the Group Y which is the Isuzu Closed N Series 8 Ton Panel Van Box Truck (Tail Lift Available) as you can see – car Rental Congo has it all in terms of bulk transport hire – guaranteed variety on our fleet, exceptional service and quality truck rental from a quality truck rental company! Honestly the best deal in Congo!

Our truckload capacities currently range from 4 to 34 tons. In addition, we have tail lifts to offer our customers. At Car Rental Congo, we aim to meet the client’s needs and make the rental process as smooth as possible. This we achieve with our flexible rental periods. These include; daily, weekly and monthly.

Those interest in 34 Tons, will be supplied, just get in touch with us for the best service with the popular brand being Sino Trucks.

Waste Management Trucks

Waste management Fleet

Car Rental Congo offers Waste Management Trucks for rental on long term contracts to operate in the urban areas of GomaBukavu, Kinshasa, KisanganiPointe Noire, Beni and Butembo with extension to military bases. We help make a cleaner, healthier city in any country within East and Central Africa.

More than 50% of cities’ waste does not get collected and less than 10% gets recycled. This causes environmental and health problems for everyone.  We are trying to change the way people think about waste management and change the current situation for the better.

We collect waste from households, businesses, and factories. We safely dispose the waste to our decentralized sorting sites where it’s sorted into more than 40 fractions. We sort organic waste into high-quality compost; the other materials (paper, plastic, glass & metal) we either recycle them ourselves or do so through our partners. This allows us to achieve one of the highest recycling rates in the world – at 95%! Read More about waste Management.

Commercial Trucks for Goods

Goods Truck

When you are in need of commercial truck rentals, you need a trusted company to help your job turn out the way you want. We offer the highest quality commercial trucks to meet any of your needs.

We have a full line of well-maintained trucks to help you complete your jobs quickly and efficiently. When your fleet does not meet your requirements, you have a sudden breakdown or business suddenly peaks, we are here to help you out.


Heavy-duty  Trucks

Trucks for Rental

We do feeder road trucking services (Contractors) for the transportation of your products to their final destination in Congo & neighboring countries.

We handle domestic shipping and local distribution products in major towns of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The Transport service needs may be for; Generators, Electricity pools, House Construction materials, or site clearance for house construction. Our team is experienced in Material transport operations in partnership with multinational Companies.

Do you have less than a full truckload of goods or equipment to transport? We can accommodate you through our domestic trucking network. Your goods will be safely consolidated with others to reduce your costs and promptly delivered to the desired destination.

For a full truckload of goods, they will be quickly transported from any point and safely delivered to their required destination.

These Truck rentals are available in KisanganiBunia where there are Diamond Mines. Are you undecided on which truck to lease?  Then get in touch with us and we’ll help you evaluate the project and recommend the best fleet to take.

Best equipment with highly qualified operators.

Whatever the project is, Car Rental Congo has a big range of services offered under 6 Departments of Operation in Congo & other countries of service like UgandaRwanda, Chad, Gabon, Brazzaville, Kenya, the Central African Republic managed by experienced staff who are trained in machinery to handle all risks.

Once you decide to grant a project to us, we assign a project manager to ease communication during project implementation. In case you need interpreters, we hire them when required.

Then when it comes to machinery for road construction & site clearance, our Forklift & Crane rental services, Excavators, Bucket Loaders, Crawler Bulldozers come with highly qualified operators at the most competitive price.

  • 4×4 Gear
  • Insurance
  • Manual Transmission
  • Experienced Driver
  • Diesel
  • New Models

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