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Car rental Congo- A complete Guide for Private Guided Tour in Democratic republic of congo.

Car rental Congo is the only company in Congo specialized in  Car hire services at the most affordable rates. No Self drive services in Congo when it comes to car rental congo.

When planning to undertake a road trip in Congo is among the best spotted adventurous destination in Africa and ranked as the best place for Primates and Active Volcanoes .

During my first hand experience to undertake the gorilla tour to congo i used a reliable safari company called Ultimate gorilla expeditions and stayed at Coco lodge which helped me to gain the insight of what true congo looks like and hence to clear very that even if many online website write wrong information that car rental is impossible but its possible in goma and Bukavu Hence the expansion of car rental services from Uganda and Rwanda to Cover the unexplored Democratic republic of congo virgin adventure destination in Africa.

During my first travel i hired a 4×4 land cruiser from the hotel where i stayed and drove to Chimpanzee Tracking orphanage Centre in Bukavu Section and i was informed that congo has toll roads and realized that i had to pay some money to enable me cross from Various states to another and i paid 2 Dollars.

Car rental is among the best way to explore Democratic republic of congo on a road trip to various Inspiration, Driving is ease in congo but be a ware of corrupt officials along the roads and always carry some little changed money that can be used . Dollars remains a dollar in Congo no small bill nor big bills.

Travelers planning for Eastern lowland gorilla trekking or Nyiragongo Hike to connect from South Lake Kivu to northern Lake Kivu  for either Mountain gorilla trekking can use speed boat that costs USD 400 or use the Public ferry at USD 50.

Car rental Services in Congo are increasing becoming the best way to adventure the country. Car rental Congo is among the leading destination experts in offering self drive travelers to visit various parks of democratic republic of congo.

Planning for Car Hire in Congo to enjoy classic road trips as an Independent Travelers?Book Self drive car hire in Bukavu to Kahuzi Biega National Park in the southern province of lake kivu while going for lowland gorilla trekking adventure & Lwiro Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Hire a car from Car rental Congo to enjoy the great business trip in Democratic republic of congo at cheap costs, low cost car Rental ! Hire a Toyota Rav4 or 4WD land cruiser.

Want to enjoy driving around in Congo, Book a vehicle with car rental congo and we promise you won’t regret  the entire experience due to the fact that we provide the best quality services looking at comfort , reliability, affordability, efficiency and effectiveness as our top priorities when it comes to clients/guests.

Inspirations in Congo

The eastern lowland gorilla or Grauer’s gorilla   is a subspecies of eastern gorilla endemic to the mountainous forests of eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Important populations of this gorilla live in the Kahuzi-Biega and Maiko National Parks and their adjacent forests, the Tayna Gorilla Reserve, the Usala forest and on the Itombwe Massif but the only destination that is accessible for gorilla trekking is the Kahuzi biega national park near bukavu town which one hour drive.

Eastern Lowland Gorilla Trekking in kahuzi Biega National Park and Maiko National Park , The reality needs to be said that Eastern Lowland gorillas can only be seen in democratic republic of congo. As many travelers admire for gorilla trekking but find it complicated to get the car rental services in congo, Car rental congo is here to help you get the best service for the road trip in congo.

Gorillas spend long hours feeding on plant matter every day. Groups are stable apes as they stay together for months and years at a time, much like the structure of a family.In comparison to the Western Gorillas, groups of eastern lowland gorillas are usually larger.

Eastern lowland gorilla has the widest altitudinal range of any of the gorilla subspecies as they can be found in mountainous, transitional and lowland tropical forests. One of the most studied eastern lowland gorilla population lives in the highlands of Kahuzi-Biega where habitats vary between dense primary forests to moderately moist woodland.

Eastern lowland gorilla has a varied plants diet including fruits, leaves, stems and bark as well as small insects such as ants and termites.Although they occasionally eat ants, insects form only a minor part of their diet. In comparison to western lowland gorillas, found in low altitude tropical forests.

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