Mountaineering Tours- Climbing & Trekking Trips in Africa.

Car Rental Congo partners with reliable Safari Companies that are offering all Climbing & Mountaineering tours, treks, expedition cruises, and adventure trips to Congo, Uganda, Kenya & Tanzania. Find the best-guided Mountaineering trips and an expert planned vacation to explore the mountains of Africa like Rwenzori Mountains, Virunga Massif, Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya.

Top Climbing & Mountaineering Experiences

  • Climbing Mount Kenya

Mount Kenya is the less climbed cousin of Mount Kilimanjaro nearby in Tanzania, however many people prefer the wilderness, abundant wildlife and stunning mountain lakes that you find on Mount Kenya. Point Lenana at 4985m meters is a feasible trekking peak and also currently the world’s highest via Ferrata summit route, which adds to the challenge and enjoyment. The panoramic views of the jagged volcanic peaks, wide valleys and surrounding savannah makes a trek on this mountain a thoroughly enjoyable African experience. Check on the safari companies to get the best tour operator offering Mount Kenya Trips

  • Climbing Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania and taking pictures in front of  the iconic sign at the top

  • Rwenzori Mountaineering Tours

The Rwenzori Mountains are shared in two national parks of Rwenzori Mountains National Park in Uganda and Virunga National Park located in the Eastern Democratic republic of congo that hosts the mountain gorillas & other volcanoes like Nyiragongo volcano.

The highest point is Margherita Peak on Mount Stanley (5,109m) however other high peaks include Mount Baker(4,843 ), Mount Speke(4,890), Mount Emin (4,798m), Mount Gessi(4,715m) and mount Luigi(4,627m) which also offer a very worthwhile adventure as well.

The mountain peaks are covered with Glaciers which is about half of the total number in Africa. This in addition to Lakes, Waterfalls, Unique Vegetation and wildlife gives it a clear edge as the best mountain to climb in Africa.

The Top safari package for Rwenzori climbing is 8 days Trek to Margherita peak. The longest trek on offer is 9 days in length which covers Margherita peak, Mt Speke, Mt Baker, and Weismann’s peak. With the shortest trip being a 1-day trek in the forests along the Nyamwamba river.

The most popular option for trekking in the Rwenzori is the 5-day trek to Weismann’s Peak (4,620 meters). It is strenuous walking but relatively easy with no real difficult sections or need of technical climbing, making it a great trek for all who are reasonably fit. Book your Rwenzori expedition with  Rwenzori Mountaineering Service, the Solo Provider of trekking tours.

  • Nyiragongo Volcano Treks


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