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Planning a visit to Kisangani for a business trip or Mining business in congo? Looking for reliable car rental in Kisangani or Airport transfer at the most affordable price?  We are a local Car rental Company that specializes in Saloon cars, SUV cars, Trucks for rental in mining areas, Van to visit okapi wildlife Reserve, Contact us now.

Car Rental Congo offers the best long term rental deals for 4×4 Landcruiser & trucks to work in the mines with experienced local drivers living and staying in Congo.  The rates supplied are based on Daily, Weekly & Monthly prices.

Mines near Kisangani.

We don’t do illegal activities in the mines, contact us when you have everything with you regarding the minerals you want us to transport for you. The Rental Trucks offered in Kisangani mines range from one ton to 34 tonnes, as various options of 16 tonnes are available. Check on the truck rental in Kisangani.

SUV , Saloon Cars  Rental in Kisangani.

We do offer Saloon cars ( Premios) SUV cars ( Landcruisers, Toyota Rav4), Vans on short term and long Term Rental. The Leasing of cars & Trucks in congo, we charge daily, weekly & Monthly, the invoicing agreement will be based on the size of the fleets you have decided to hire from us.  we work in private persons, NGOs, and government agencies. Get the best deal for car rental today.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Looking for luxury SUV for rental to visit or work in Kibali Mines on Short term or long term rental? Car Rental Congo has the best offer for daily or weekly rental with an experienced driver from  US$ 200 / day.
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Land Cruiser v8

LandCruiser v8Don’t miss to travel to Kisangani on long term rental in Congo due to Transportation ? Car Rental Congo ( Bonafide Africa ) has the best Luxury cars  with knowledgeable drivers from 205 USD.

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Land Cruiser Hybrid

Nee Model Land Cruiser LuxuryGet around Kinshasa city in VIP luxury hybrid land Cruiser while on a business trip or Okapi wildlife safari to enjoy the pure wildlife with Car Rental Congo, on a friendly short term rental rate 250 USD/ day with Driver.
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Facts about Kisangani.

Kisangani is the third-largest city in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and is the capital and largest city of the vast Orientale Province (roughly the size of Spain) in the Congo Basin with connecting flights to Beni, Goma, Bukavu. Its a center for Mining activities in Eastern Congo with Bunia 

Kisangani is the nation’s most important inland port after Kinshasa, an important commercial hub point for river and land transportation and a major marketing and distribution center for the north-eastern part of the country.

When planning for okapi wildlife Watching tour, the best recommended domestic airport to land too is the Kisangani Airport which is located within the city. Okapi wildlife reserve is located in Epulu and known as the only destination for wildlife safaris to watch the okapi.

Kisangani is located 560 km from Kibali Mining areas and most of the travelers that reserve car rental for Kibali mines will either come from Uganda via Arua or Kisangani city. Get the rental quote from experts.

Climatic Conditions

Being very near the equator and in the middle of the jungle, you might suspect the city has a wet, tropical climate, Humidity is high year-round, averaging 86%, Temperatures are fairly stable year-round, too, averaging 31°C/20°C (88°F/68°F).
Rains are heavy throughout much of the year, with a relatively dry (or “less-rainy”) season from December to early March. Total rainfall for the year is 1620 mm (63.78 inches) with the rainiest month being October with 218mm (8.58 in), while the driest is January with 53 mm (2.09 in).

Car Rental in Ituri Region

When your planning to visit Kisangani, take note that it’s close to the Ituri region. Car Rental Congo offers its services in even hard to reach areas and the riskiest areas of Ituri where mining is mostly done in Congo Bordering the Lake Albert that is shared between Uganda & DR Congo. However, the risky areas come at high price charges compared to those that are not risky.

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  • * 6 – 14 days rental – Complimentary free day.
  • *15+ days rental – Complimentary camping equipment.

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