River Congo Expeditions- Cruise on River Congo

Planning a Safari holiday in DR Congo? It’s not an obvious choice and certainly not Africa for beginners. In fact, this is Africa for the very experienced.

The hardest part of the expedition is Goma to Kisangani town but after that from Kisangani to Kinshasa is safe and it takes 21 Days on the fresh waters of River Congo with the Experienced tour guide Moses who is the manager for congo Safaris specifically on River Congo.

Summary Travel Plan

Day 1 Arrive at Goma International Airport
Day 2: Gorilla Trekking in Virunga National Park
Day 3: Nyiragongo Hike
Day 4 Descend & Relax on Lake Kivu
Day 5: Domestic flight to Kisangani Town
Day 6: Start on the River Congo Experience fo the next 21 Days in DR Congo
Day 7,8,9.10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24, 25,26
Day 27: Visit the bonobos
Day28: Drop off at the Airport

Detailed Travel Plan

Car Rental Congo offers trips to watch the primates in Virunga National Park, Kahuzi Biega National Park in eastern Congo without missing the Rwenzori mountaineering in Africa. Get the Detailed River congo expedition that encompasses the gorilla trekking & Boat Cruise on the Congo River.  The Congo River expedition tour is recommended for hassler travelers that have been traveling in Africa for some good time ( TIA) since you will cruise around the remote villages for 26 days or more. Take this opportunity to know the last remaining Pygmy tribes are travel in the footsteps of world-renowned explorers – Stanley and Livingston.

Day 1: Arriva at Goma International Airport

Upon arrival at Goma International Airport, you will be welcomed and cleared by the immigration with the help of your experienced guide and later transfer to Mikeno Lodge for dinner and overnight in Virunga National Park.

Day 2: Gorilla Trekking in Virunga National Park Congo

After Early morning breakfast at the lodge, you will be picked up by the experienced guide and transfer to park headquarter for briefing about the gorilla trekking rules in Congo’s famous Virunga national park located in Virunga Mountains. After you will enter into the jungle to start the search for the mountain gorillas which are only found in Rwanda ( Volcanoes National Park) Uganda ( Bwindi & Mgahinga National Park ) Congo ( Virunga National Park) and you will enjoy the walk as you search for the apes in their wilderness and once found you will spend one hour with them as you take photos and films.

Later return to the lodge for Lunch and afternoon relax, Dinner, and overnight at Bukima Tented Camp.

Gorilla Trekking is only done in Africa and Congo gorilla safaris are the cheapest compared to Rwanda & Uganda.>>> Go Gorilla Trekking in DR Congo with car Rental Congo or Recommended Congo Safari Companies.

Day 3: Nyiragongo Trek in Virunga National Park 

Day 4: Descend Nyiragongo Mountain

Day 5: Take Domestic flight to Kisangani City

Day 6 Arrival at Kisangani

Overnight and dinner will be arranged at the Kisangani hotel.

Day 7 Sightseeing tour in Kisangani

When you’re in Kisangani, explore the beautiful sightings like Tshopo River Falls and the Wagenia Fisheries that is set up in the middle of river rapids. Your overnight will be at Kisangani hotel.

Day 8    Boating – Kisangani – Yangambi (90km)

Our river cruiser is a 34-meter long wooden boat, well-equipped with two powerful outboard motors. This is a traditional type of boat and is crafted with safety equipment, sanitary installation, lighting, a generator, and freezers.

The boat is operated by an insured, experienced captain. We are accompanied by a sailor, a mechanic, a cook, and an experienced guide. You will spend your evening ashore and interact with the locals ensuring cultural experiences. Your overnight will be at tented camp accommodation.

Day 9     Boating – Yangabi – Lokutu (95km)

Yangambi Biosphere Reserve is the center of research for secondary forests. The biosphere reserve is highly dominated by pycnanthus angolensis and Fagara macrophylla, rain forests with Gilbertodendron dewevrei, semi-deciduous secondary rainforests, the climax forests with Brachystegia laurentii and marshland forests. The overnight will be at tented camp.

Day 10     Lokutu Mombongo (83km)

You will visit the Lokutu Oil Palm Plantation. We will take to the region of Lokele – a tribe residing on the banks of the river. Overnight will be provided in tented camp.

Day 11     Boating – Mombongo – Bumba (106km)

The Congo River broadens out to its widest point in Bumba, around 20 kilometers. The river is filled with water hyacinths and paved with different islands. The region of Bumba stands out as the home to the Bafoto Pygmies. Overnight will be at tented camp.

Day 12     Travel by Boat – Bumba – Lisala (117km)

Lisala is the home town of the former president Mobutu Sese Seko. A broad trunk tree – a Libanga commemorates his birth with a plaque. This tree commemorates the birth of Mobutu Sese Seko – father of the Zairian Revolution. Your overnight will be arranged in tented camp.

Day 13    Travel by boat: Lisala – Iaté ( 109 km)

Travel by boat from Lisala to Iate to experience a beautiful fishing village and your overnight will be at tented camp.

Day 14     Travel by Boat – Iate – Moleka (95km)

The Congo River expands either by flowing around the countless islands or by spreading out into what settlers calls them pools. Enjoy overnight at tented camp.

Day 15   Travel by Boat – Moleka – Bolombo (121km)

Overnight will be provided at tented camp.

Day 16   Travel by Boat – Bolombo – Malonga (77km)

Previously, Makanza is known as New Antwerp. Overnight stay will be at tented camp.

Day 17   Travel by Boat – Malonga – Mbandaka (105km)

Mbandaka is the biggest town located between Kisangani and Kinshasa and the home to the Mongo tribe. Overnight will be at tented camp.

Day 18   Travel by Boat – Mbandaka – Malanga (90km)

Mbandaka is the capital of the Equatorial Province, located on the left bank of the Congo. This is the point where the Ubangi connects with the Congo. Overnight will be at the tented camp.

Day 19   Travel by Boat – Malanga – Lukolela plantation (101km)

You can visit a cacao plantation and overnight will be at tented camp.

Day 20   Travel by Boat – Lukolela – Croissement (99km)

The Congo River narrows at Lukolela and is bordered by high cliffs. The width of the river maintains 6-9km and is studded with islands. Overnight will be provided at the tented camp.

Day 21   Travel by Boat – Croissement – Kalenge (110km)

You will find the rocky outcrops at the bottom of the navigation channel. The width of the river is minimized to less than 2km in Bolobo. Your overnight stay will be provided in the tented camp.

Day 22  Travel by Boat – Kalenge – Epuna (155km)

Kwamouth is located on the left bank at the confluence of the Kwa – the name of the Kasai River where it joins the Congo. Overnight accommodation will be arranged in the tented camp.

Day 23   Travel by Boat – Epuna – Maluku (89km)

You arrive in Maluku where the Congo becomes the Pool Malebo. Your overnight accommodation will be arranged in the tented camp.

Day 24 -25 Transfer to hotel in Kinshasa

Day 26: Bonobo Trekking

Day 27: Transfer to the Airport for flight

Your transfer will be arranged and you will be ready for the departure to return your home.

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