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Planning a wildlife safari to watch okapi in congo? Take an expedition to  Okapi Wildlife Reserve with the main theme being Culture & Wildlife located in the Democratic republic of congo that is bordered by Uganda, South Sudan by an experienced tour guide of a local safari Company recommended by Car Rental Congo.

Okapi is only found in Congo and even international companies that offer Wildlife Safaris cant lead you into the depth of congo without a local experienced tour guide to help you in spotting the okapi. Unique Wildlife Experience can only be found in Africa’s tropical rainforests like the case is on bonobos & Eastern Lowland Gorillas without forgetting the Mountain gorillas in Eastern Congo.

Facts About Okapi Wildlife Reserve

Reserve is named for elusive forest giraffe: “the hindquarters of a zebra with the head of a giraffe and the body of a horse”
Reserve also contains one of DRC’s largest populations of forest elephants and chimpanzees, and the highest diversity of monkeys found anywhere in Africa

The Okapi Wildlife Reserve, more than one and half times the size of  Murchison falls National Park, lies deep in the heart of the Congo rainforest. It harbors the single largest remaining population of okapi, a shy and solitary forest animal that is related to the giraffe, but in reality, looks more like the product of a vivid imagination that has stitched together the hindquarters of a zebra with the head of a giraffe and the body of a horse.

Astonishingly for its size, the okapi remained scientifically undescribed until about 100 years ago, when 19th-century explorers in the region heard rumors of the existence of a ‘striped donkey’.

Currently, okapi lives only in the dense forests of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and their stronghold lies firmly within the Okapi Wildlife Reserve. They share these forests with an astonishing diversity of wildlife, including one of the largest remaining populations of forest elephants in DRC, the single largest stronghold of chimpanzees in the region, and the highest diversity of monkeys found anywhere in Africa.

The Reserve is also home to one of the oldest forest peoples on the continent – the Efe and Mbuti. The Mbuti still practice their traditional hunter-gatherer culture in and around the Okapi Wildlife Reserve. But in recent years, life has become hard for the Mbuti and okapi alike.

Conservation of Okapi Wildlife Reserve

Conservation is bringing new hope for the security and stability of a remote forest outpost in the northeastern Democratic Republic of Congo, with the signing of a new partnership agreement to manage the Okapi Wildlife Reserve between Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and the Government’s Nature Conservation Agency, ICCN.

8 Days Okapi Expedition Tour – Congo Wildlife Trip

This 8 Days Okapi Wildlife tour is offered by the listed congo safari companies, but in case you need more guidance about Okapi Wildlife Reserve the team of CarRental Congo is available to help you.

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