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Congo’s unique wildlife, primates, and the landscapes it inhabits make for a magical safari experience. But making the most of this dream journey into the congo wilds requires careful planning – here’s where we show you how to plan and get the best tour operator to tailor the congo Safari tour.

Planning Congo Primate Safari

Planning your Primate safari can be an enjoyable experience including the Mountain Gorillas, eastern lowland gorillas, Bonobos & Chimpanzee watching, but there are some important considerations to guide your preparations. These include choosing the best tour operator for the road trip to congo, deciding what type of safari you’d like to undertake and where, and selecting the best time of travel.

Habituated gorillas live in the national parks of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s far east, but these areas will be off the travel agendas of all but the most intrepid. Bonobos in the DRC’s Lola Ya Bonobo Sanctuary are another highlight.

Yet all other primates can be seen in east African countries that also host a lot of wildlife. From the spectacular wildebeest migrations across the Masai Mara to the elephants of Amboseli, from the millions of flamingos in the Rift Valley Lakes to the gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, However, don’t be tempted to fit too many activities into your travel safari as distances between parks in East Africa are great, and moving too quickly from park to park is likely to leave you tired and unsatisfied.

Combining Gorillas & Wildlife Safari.

The car Rental team recommends that it’s possible add wildlife & gorillas on a single travel plan tailored with reliable Safari companies to explore the best National Parks in Africa. Mountaineering trips are offered to visit the Rwenzori Mountains, Virunga Massifs like Nyiragongo Volcano, Nyamuragira Volcano, Mikeno while staying in Luxury Lodges within Congo. Check out Mountaineering tours

Top Companies

These Companies listed use extended Africa Safari land cruisers to transport the Clients that booked Africa Safaris with them, yet budget clients there is an option of saloon cars for self-drive adventures.

Gorilla Trekking

Gorilla Trekking offers gorillas safaris to Rwanda, Uganda, Congo, Gabon to see the mountain gorillas, Eastern Lowland gorillas, Western Lowland gorillas, crossriver gorillas in Africa with the experienced local company.

Primate Safaris

Primate Safari Experiences has been tailoring primate tours to visit the gorillas, Bonobos, Chimpanzee for luxury travelers in African Countries like DR Congo, Central Africa, Republic of Congo, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya, Gabon. This Company is based in Uganda with offices in Rwanda, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania.

Congo Gorilla Safaris

Congo Gorilla Safaris is a local company that is registered in Congo with expertise in tailoring congo safaris to primates & Cultural tours to Ituri forest and fishing trips on River Congo. it has offices in Goma, Bukavu, Gisenyi, Kinshasha . its owned by Congolese.

Tel: +256774819223.

Rwenzori Expeditions

The leading Safari Company that tailors Mountaineering tours to the Rwenzori Mountainsin both Uganda & Congo with over 16 years experience in Mountaineering treks to Mountain of the moon.
Tel: +256774819223

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