Recycling Waste in Goma

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How can I tell what is and isn’t acceptable in my recycling container?

Car Rental Congo the oldest car hire company in Central Africa has extended its services to open up the waste management services within Goma, Beni, Kinshasa, Butembo, Uvira, Kisangani with sold service delivery of dumper trucks, provision of Bins for proper waste management in Democratic republic of congo.

Waste Management

We want to make recycling less complicated.

Follow these three rules to make recycling simple:

  1. Recycle empty bottles, cans, paper, and cardboard
  2. Keep foods and liquids out of the recycling
  3. Keep plastic bags out of the recycling bin. No bagged recyclables.

And remember, you should never place an item in your recycling container if you’re not sure it’s an approved recyclable. When in doubt – throw it out. Visit Recycle Right to view how-to videos and downloadable guidelines.


Waste is not segregated in DR congo when it is collected, and vast amounts of plastic litter clog public spaces as well as water bodies.

Congo’s segregation and recycling system operate through an informal chain of workers—from ragpickers who sort through waste to dealers who sell the plastic to plants.

About 60 percent of plastic waste in Congo is not recycled, according to various estimates. Just nine percent of all plastic waste ever produced globally has been recycled.