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When you talk of the Democratic republic of congo or the republic of congo when planning a safari tour in Africa > what comes to the mind of many people is political instability, corruption, and violence.  but things have changed during too many decades that have taken place with the change of president in the last year 2018 Elections, Car rental congo team leader Edward visited DR Congo because I enjoyed &  participated in three unique travel experience starting with the eastern lowland gorilla trekking in Kahuzi biega national park & Climbing nyiragongo, mountain gorilla trekking but orphaned gorilla tour in Virunga National Park.

Gorilla Trekking is done in two congo that is the republic of congo and democratic republic of congo to see both the western lowland gorillas, eastern lowland gorillas & mountain gorillas within the Virunga ranges that are shared by Congo, Rwanda & Uganda in the various national park.

Within Virunga national park found with the Democratic Republic of Congo, it habituates the mountain gorillas, Virunga National Park which is also a UNESCO Heritage site and its ranks when congo tourism is considered as it has mountain gorilla trekking with the cheapest gorilla permit. Virunga National park covers an area of 7800 km2 and is home to over 200 gorilla individuals mostly situated in the southern part of the park with the nearest town in congo being Beni, Goma & Butembo.

Mountain Gorilla trekking in Congo is done in  Virunga national park which has strict rules and regulations that are supposed to be followed by the gorilla trackers on a Congo gorilla safari. This is because the gorillas are susceptible to many human diseases due to the great closeness between humans and mountain gorilla. These gorilla trekking rules include; group size, the groups to track per day as well as the time allowed spending with the mountain gorillas to ensure the well being of these endangered animals.

Mountain gorilla permit in Virunga costs USD  400 /per one hour stay with the gorillas in the jungle, it includes the ranger guide.  Clients that have booked gorilla trekking to Virunga national park can be picked up by Car Rental Congo at Goma International Airport.

Gorilla Trekking in Kahuzi biega national park is different from the mountain gorilla experience in Virunga, as Kahuzi biega houses the Eastern lowland gorillas which are found in two parks of congo, not forgetting Maiko national park which hosts Eastern Lowland gorillas,

The Nearest town to kahuzi biega national park is Bukavu city that has offices for Car rental congo, Find the best transportation deals in congo for a project or short term rental in Bukavu.

Apparently Eastern lowland gorilla trekking is done in Kahuzi biega national park and car rental congo offers reliable transportation to clients that have booked gorilla trekking, Transfer from Bukavu town which has accommodations to Kahuzi biega national park headquarter takes 1 and half hour drive. Book Congo gorilla safari to Kahuzi biega National park with experts.

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