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Central Africa is a region of Africa bounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the west, the African Rift Valley in the east, the Sahel plains in the north, and the Zambezi basin in the south.

Angola Former Portuguese colony which went through a brutal civil war. Now largely safe, it has been surprisingly slow to appear on the tourist radar.
Cameroon Sometimes referred to as Africa in Miniature, the terrain includes rain forest, desert plains, mountains, and high plateau.
The central African Republic Dense jungle in the south and semi-arid in the Sahelian north, this very unstable country is very much off the radar for visitors.
The Democratic Republic of the Congo Huge, blessed with incredible natural wealth and beauty, culturally diverse, and is extremely unstable and dangerous.
Equatorial Guinea Perhaps one of the continent’s most corrupt countries, where massive oil wealth is confiscated by a thuggish government, it is not a terribly safe place to travel, but it has great beaches, laid-back beach bars, and locals who speak Spanish.
Gabon Has escaped the strife afflicting other Central African states; rich in oil and mineral reserves and high biodiversity.
Republic of the Congo Huge tracts of forest with a small population mean great potential for eco-tourism, but the country has not fully recovered from a terrible war in the 1990s.
São Tomé and Príncipe Tiny islands in the Gulf of Guinea.
South Sudan The world’s newest country, it split off from warring neighbor Sudan in July 2011.

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