Akagera National Park

This is the smallest National Park in Rwanda and is famous for wildlife safaris. It is located in the East of Rwanda and it borders Tanzania and offers a great view of the countries most scenery.  The park is so much characterized by lakes and swamps which follow the meandering course of the Main River Akagera.

The Park is rich in terms of wildlife and most animal species found in it include: Buffalos, Elephants, Zebras, Antelopes, Giraffes, Hyena, Lions and also water loving animal species such as Hippos and crocodiles which are supported by the Lakes and Rivers. There are also different bird species around the lake shores such as fish eagle, King Fisher, papyrus gonolek, and the bizarre shoebill stork.
The Park is not often visited since most of the times, you can drive for long hours with out passing another vehicle or even knowing which animals you will encounter along the way.
The size of the Park: It covers over 2500 sq km of savannah west of Akagera River.

When to Visit: The Park is safe to visit during sunny season that during rainy season because most of the routes become impassable. Therefore as tourists, you should avoid visiting the Park during the months of December, March and April

Tourist attractions in the Park

  • Wildlife animals
  • River Akagera
  • Mitumba hills
  • Lakes like Ihema, Kivumba, Hago, Mihindi, Rwanyakizinga
  • Bird species like the shoe bill stork and the Papyrus Gonolek

Tourist activities in the Park

  • Game drives
  • Sight seeing
  • Boat rides