3 Common mistakes done Gorilla Trekking in Uganda on Self Drive Trips

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Mistakes done on Self drive Gorilla Trekking in Uganda: Car Rental Congo.

As its known that Car Rental Congo is offering self drive trip to Uganda and the most exciting safari activity done is gorilla trekking . Gorilla Trekking in Uganda is done Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National Park. we do offer free gorilla permit booking for travelers that have selected to explore Uganda’s national park on a road trip.

Car Rental Congo team has identified three mistakes done by self drive travelers that have selected to go gorilla trekking in Uganda. When you book your car at Car Rental Congo and your going on self drive trip including gorilla watching, Please take careful note of the mistakes to avoid joining their ranks!

1. Arriving at the wrong park gate
A common (and rather tragic) mistake on the part of many would-be gorilla trekkers in Uganda is arriving at a different part of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park to what’s on their permit. Bwindi is a large park of 331 km² (128 mi²), and comprises four regions:

  • Buhoma in the northwest
  • Ruhija in the east
  • Rushaga in the south
  • Nkuringo in the southwest

Map of Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda
Map showing Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and its four different entrance points
When you book a gorilla trekking permit with Car Rental Congo limited , the team will explain to you the section of your gorilla trekking ( you obtain one for a specific portion). And this can’t be changed. So if you show up in Buhoma with a trekking permit for Nkuringo, for instance, you’ll pay the fine fee of $$150 per person!

2. Arriving on the wrong day
The second common mistake that visitors coming to see mountain gorillas make is rocking up on the wrong day. Permits are issued for specific dates and are non-transferable. This is because trek groups fill up far in advance. Note that there are also no refunds.

3. Not bringing your passport

Visitors must bring their passports on the day of the gorilla trek as park officials check these against permits to ensure only rightful permit holders are admitted to the park. Forget your passport and you may not be allowed into the park! It’s possible you’ll be able to dash back to your accommodation to fetch it, but at the very least that will be stressful. At worst, you’ll miss the trek.

Mistakes like those discussed above are some of the reasons why we recommend you travel with an experienced and reputable tour operator like Follow Alice. We know the in’s and out’s of gorilla trekking super well and ensure our clients don’t go home with any woeful tales like not getting to see mountain gorillas on their mountain gorilla holiday.

Another reason for choosing to book the gorilla trekking permit in Uganda with Car Rental Congo is that its ease to advise you on which sector to visit for the gorillas depending on the travel plan that you have.

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Although we are sure these mistakes are not available for clients that have selected to go gorilla trekking in Rwanda‘s volcanoes National Park.