Exodus Hotel Bukavu is among the budget accommodation and its owned by the operators of Car rental congo, travelers that have decided to use the services of the company can secure free hotel booking and enjoy the discounted price quotes from the reservation team. 

After the long existence of Exodus Bukavu  as the best Accommodation Place in Bukavu  for travelers that are planning for Eastern lowland gorilla Trekking in Congo

Established 2000, this hotel is believed to be one of the oldest budget hotels  Bukavu , she has undergone many transformations to emerge today as one of the leading hotels in the fast growing city of Bukavu.
The Exodus Hotel set the precedence for hotel accommodation in the new and undeveloped town of Congo, when first built back in 2000. It was a time of horse drawn buggies and classic cars, which took quite a beating on the unpaved roads and tracks. The hotel signified a pleasant resting place for those traveling from as far as the Rwanda or Goma…and all corners of Old  Congo .  Its status soon became synonymous with travellers, pioneers and adventurers looking for welcoming accommodation or a refreshment stop during long grueling journeys into the outback.

Exodus hotel Bukavu has grown big and expanded the areas of operators by starting the car rental section for travelers visiting Bukavu and Goma with the specificity in Land cruisers and Toyota Rav4 for Travelers in Congo.
Democratic republic of congo is ranked as the best adventurous destination for primates and if you plan for Primate tours , just select the visit to DR congo to watch both the Lowland gorillas and Mountain Gorillas in the wild.

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