14 Days Congo Gorillas, Okapi, Nyiragongo & Bonobo Trekking.

Looking for a Unique Congo Safari tour in Africa including Gorilla trekking, Nyiragongo Volcano , Okapi Watching & Bonobo Trekking in Sanctuary in Congo.

This all one encompassing adevnture to visit congo on expedition holiday in Congo with a local expertise company in tailoring Congo tours & Safaris to explore the tropical rain forests of Congo.

Day1: Transfer to Nyanza Cultural Centre
Day2: Transfer to Bukavu
Day3: Gorilla Trekking in Kahuzi Biega National Park
Day 4: Second Gorilla Trekking & Transfer to Goma
Day 5: Mountain Gorilla Trekking in Virunga National Park
Day 6:Nyiragongo Hike
Day 7: Descend Nyiragongo Volcano
Day 8:Transfer to Kisangani City
Day 9: Boat Ride on the river Congo
Day 10: Drive to Epulu in the ituri forest to visit Pygmies
Day 11: Hike into the Forest to Meet Pygmies in the Jungle
Day 12: Nature Walk in the Ituri Forest.
Day 13: Transfer from Kisangani to Kinshasa
Day 14: Bonobo Trekking & Transfer to Airport