Best places to visit after Covid 19.

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Tourist Destinations to visit in Africa After Covid19: Car Rental Congo.

During the end of the year 2019 December, the world started to experience the most deadly disease that has affected all the countries in the world without sparing their economies. African countries were among the last to feel the impact of Covid19 as it arrived in Africa in 2020.

The Impact of COVID is hard to be expressed in one single post but car rental congo brings to you places to visit to reduce the stress of staying home for more than 2 months. The new realities of working from home, temporary unemployment, home-schooling of children, and lack of physical contact with other family members, friends, and colleagues take time to get used to. Adapting to lifestyle changes such as these, and managing the fear of contracting the virus and worry about people close to us who are particularly vulnerable, are challenging for all of us. They can be particularly difficult for people with mental health conditions.

Shade off that Post-COVID19 stress; at the end of this pandemic one needs to adventure and try out some activities with nature.

We realize that there are things most have taken for granted and always ignored. Your interaction with the outside often calms your mind and most times helps awaken one’s brain and mind. Traveling and adventure renews one’s mind and gets you engaged with nature. In addition, it serves to relax one’s mind and spirit from the monotony of the environment that has been set by the pandemic situation. Question is “where should I do this?”, “where can i achieve?” such relaxation; check out this suggestion some activities. Start planning now, so that you do not miss out, trust me you will not regret your decision.

Recommended Reunion Safari activities.

  1. Gorilla trekking/tracking; oh how I miss these close friends and familyGorilla Safaris of man. Do not miss seeing them going about their lives, you will be surprised at the level of their intelligence, organizational skills, and social life. These wonderful creatures dwell in the great forest of Bwindi and Mgahinga., beautiful Virunga mountains of Rwanda and Congo. Did you know they have territories and territorial leaders? Did you know these territorial leaders also submit to one overall leader? Amazing, isn’t it? Have a chance to witness more than this Miss at your own risk, do not say I did not warn.
  2. Wildlife adventure; With 10 national parks in Uganda, you cannot do less than appreciate the diversity of wildlife and behaviorism of the wildlife. The wild is entails more LIon Experiencethan you can imagine, witness instances of survival for the fittest (live predator-prey chases), territorial protection, and animal superiority over their counterparts. Watch how the prey and predator coexist in the same environment (balanced ecosystem). You can start with the magnificent zebras of Lake Mburo National Park, not to forget the gigantic eland antelopes, topis, impalas, hippopotami, crocodiles, and acacia related birds among others. With this start, you will long for more and surely you have got it all in this trip; Queen Elizabeth National Park, located in western Uganda hosts a diversity of wildlife from weakest to strongest, smallest to largest. The park hosts over 90 mammal species; of this variety include African leopards, tree-climbing lions, African bush elephants, warthog, giant forest hog, African buffalo, Ugandan Kob, Nile crocodile and Chimpanzees. You could save some energy to hike the famous mountain Rwenzori; The highest block mountain that is sited in the rift valley, crown it with a boat ride along Kazinga Channel.
  3. Alternatively start your adventurous trip with Zziwa Rhino sanctuary proceed to Kibale National Park with Chimpanzee tracking, red-tailed monkeys, Kanyachu primate walk, bird watching among others tracking. Be sure not to miss out on the hot springs of Semlik Valley National Park which takes you to the famous Murchison falls before you witness a variety of wildlife of Murchison National Park, the home of the big five and known not only the large lion and enigmatic leopard but also the Rothschild’s giraffes, crown your sector visit with the visit to the famous Murchison Falls. tentatively you can proceed to Kidepo Valley National Park the core of savannah landscape and the largest national park.

    You will have an encounter with over 75 species of mammals and over 470 bird species. The park harbors a couple of almost extinct species of African wildlife, you would not like to miss capturing the last existing species in the land. proceed to Mt Elgon National Park the largest volcanic base in the world(4000Km2). Kidepo Valley National Park

    The park hosts more than 300 bird species not to mention the endangered Lammergeyer. You can also do a mountain climb 4321m Wagagai and descend into the 40Km2 This mountain is one of Uganda’s oldest physical features over 20 million years and has been greatly reduced by erosion. Be sure not to miss out on the magnificent Sipi falls at the edge of the Elgon park. Crown your trip with a visit and a series of activities at the source of the Nile in Jinja.

  4. Eco-Tours.Ecotourism is directed towards an exotic natural environment intended to support conservation efforts and observe wildlife. Eco-tourism involves visits to fragile, relatively pristine natural environments in order to minimize the impact on the environment and to actually benefit the environment. Ecotourism goes beyond nature-based tourism in that it supports conservation through education on the impacts of human beings on the environment and fostering a greater appreciation of natural habitats.

Ecosystems are diverse, it is important to understand the interaction between the different plants and animals as well as their non-living environments, weather, earth, sun, soil, climate, and atmosphere. Thus, the ecosystem gives relationships between different organisms that live in close proximity to each other.

The determination of animal extinctions and endangered species is easily understood with knowledge of different eco-systems. Furthermore, an unbalanced ecosystem poses to several species including humans.

Uganda has over six eco-tourism sites, mabira central forest reserve,  mpanga central forest reserve,lutoboka and Bunjazi central forest reserve, Kalinzu, kasyoha-kitomi, Budongo, Kaniyo Nusingiro, and Bugoma


Come unravel the story of Uganda by visiting the vast sites, you could be the next one to discover important resources through your visit and study. Uganda is blessed with over 62 geosites these include, geothermal sites, mountain ranges, the great east African rift (western branch), archeological sites, rock formations, waterfalls to mention but a few.


Rwenzori MountainsA question to ponder, why such a high block mountain (compression structure) in the middle of the rift valley (an extensional structure)? The Rwenzori mountains are one of the few undisturbed mountains in the world, this is attributed to its rugged and wilderness nature, this has attracted several climbers and tourists. Standing on the different blocks of the Rwenzori one has a nice view of part of the great east African rift valley and its manifestations in Uganda. With the highest peak at 5109m Check on 14 Days Congo Gorillas & Rwenzori Trekking experience with Car Rental Congo